Monday, August 31, 2015

I visited Budapest this summer. A lot of people've been talking about Budapest and how nice the city is. It is not far away from where I live so I wanted to see myself. And I've got to say that I was very satisfied. The city is very nice and it's hard to get lost there. There were so many young people, many nice bars and coffeeshops. We lived in the center so we didn't need to use any public transport. I want to come
back to Budapest in spring with my friends to do some great photoshoots, have fun and feel the atmosphere. 
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  1. to sú tak krásne fotky! :) v Budapešti som bola raz a veľmi sa mi tam páčilo.

  2. Nádherné fotky! Do Budapešti bych se také někdy ráda podívala, máš moc krásný blog! :) The Colorful Blog


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